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Tractor Decal Kit_70T

Price: $189.99
Item Number: 70T112WHT
1970 Tractor Decal Kit for Model 112 with Hood Decals for Tecumseh engines

12-piece kit contains the following decals:

Right Hood Decal
Left Hood Decal
Bezel Decal
Gas Tank Battery Decal
Air Cleaner Decal
Dash Decal
Solid State Decal-Tecumseh
Cast Iron Chrome Decal-Tecumseh
Lubrication Decal
Key Switch Decal (substitute 6770SWTCH decal)
Gas Tank Danger Decal
Floor Pan Decal

This is a special order item - please allow up to two weeks for delivery (decals sold separately add up to $227.35).


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